The Rehab Journey

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The Rehab Journey – What You Should Expect

Injury, for any athlete or exercise enthusiast, can be a terrifying prospect. Many fear missing their training for a while, and find the idea of rehabilitation itself to be intimidating – not knowing what to expect from the process, and worrying that it will be a frustrating experience.

The truth is, that for some, exercise rehabilitation is a frustrating experience – but not for the reasons you’d expect. Personal setbacks in fitness can be upsetting and stressful. If you’re agitated and distressed by your injury or setback, you might not give your full attention and dedication to the rehabilitation journey. This is a mistake – rehabilitation should be thought of as an opportunity, not a hindrance. You should open your mind and body to the process, to ensure you get the most from it.

Rebuilding your body and strength doesn’t just require physical dedication – it also requires psychological exploration. Trusting your rehabilitation is imperative to getting the best results possible, and that means putting yourself in the right mindset.

Celebrate recovery

The rehab journey can leave you empowered. It certainly isn’t easy; you may experience feelings of guilt, due to missing out on your usual training schedule and intensity; you might feel hopeless or out of control, like you’re at the mercy of your rehabilitation specialists. Always remember that they have your best interests in mind: listen to their advice and follow it properly, lest you want to make your setback more difficult to deal with.

A good exercise rehabilitation program will understand that you might be feeling negative about the process. They may introduce a social element to your recovery, so that you can see you’re not alone, and they certainly will aim to be as friendly and welcoming as possible. The overall goal should not just be to “fix” your injury, but to let you see the entire process as an opportunity in which to learn about yourself. If you give yourself up to the journey, you might just be amazed at what you can learn, and what you can achieve with your body, don’t settle for anything less.

Remember – setback is the platform to your comeback.

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