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What you contribute, focusing on what you can get always leaves you feeling empty.  It doesn’t allow you to fully see what else there is.  Look at who you can become, and see what you can contribute.
It may sound counter-intuitive but it’s not what you have that makes you a someone, its what you contribute.  AKA give back.

Life is a journey, the more you put in the more you get out

You don’t hear many people talking about the guy that does nothing, but you do hear about the likes of people that give such as Bill Gates or Richard Branson and through giving achieve satisfaction and contentedness with their life’s work. 

Don’t wrap yourself up in your own ego!

Life isn’t necessarily about being in servitude, that’s not what I am saying and I hope that is clear by the two examples I have provided.  What I am saying is their is more, more to life, more to you than a Rolex! A Rolex is not great at getting you to sleep at night or keeping your soul warm.

Giving a little contributing something can change lives create a butterfly effect, innovate or inspire a generation even change the course of history. All it requires is you, you to focus on who you can become and what you will contribute!

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