Meet The Team


collage of jonny friends and family

Johnathon Gray BSc

Founder / BSc Strength & Conditioning
Exercise Rehabilitation Clinician 
Diploma Sports Massage Therapy
Army Fitness Instructor
Former County Athlete

My name is Johnathon Gray and I am the founder of The Gray - Mind Body Soul. Through my life I have had unique opportunities to grow and develop under the guidance of some great mentors whilst I competed in sport and in the service of my country which has saw me deploy on many occasions to places including Afghanistan and Iraq.
Inspired by my experiances and seeing how the human body adpats to stresses and injury and intrigued by the mechanisms behind it I founded this company to invest in peoples' health and well being through sports massage, exercise therapy and strenght & conditioning coaching and programming. 

Kyle and kids in forest

Kyle Young

Strength & Conditioning Specialist 
Exercise Rehabilitation Clinician
Diploma Sports Massage Therapy
RAF Physical Training Instructor
Former International Power Lifter 

My name is Kyle Young and I’m one of the lead coaches here at The Gray – Mind Body Soul and proud to call myself a member of the pack!
My journey to this point has been a unique one, via a multitude of events, experiences, trials and tribulations with competing in elite level sport as a power lifter through to the education and adventure that is service life within the RAF. All of which has left an indelible mark on who and what I am right the way through to the present day.